IndyFrench Testimonials

Cécile is a great teacher.  She has taught both of my children from first grade through third grade.  We followed her from one school to another and chose to continue their French education with her after they aged out of the Montessori school.  She is patient, structured and caring.  My kids enjoy their time with her and have developed beautiful French accents.  She inspires them to love foreign language and continues to be able to engage even my 13 year old daughter who is a challenge to engage in anything!  She is flexible and professional.  I recommend her services to anyone seeking to improve their proficiency in French.

Megan C.

J'ai eu l'occasion de travailler avec Anne-Cécile pour un groupe pharmaceutique français qui venait assister à un séminaire.  Anne-Cécile les a accueilli à l'hôtel et a fait le lien entre le personnel anglophone de l'hôtel et mes clients francophones.  Elle les a également accompagné à l'aéroport le jour du départ, les a aidé avec les différentes procédures de groupe et tout cela toujours en jonglant avec les deux langues.

Anne-Cécile est une vraie professionnelle de confiance, qui prend sa mission très au sérieux et elle est très appréciée des participants.

Virginie R., JMT Events

I have had a passion for languages since I was a little girl and have been studying French since I was in high school.  I have taken college classes and private lessons with various instructors in the Indianapolis area.  Without reservation, I believe that the most productive sessions have been with Madame Carre.  She has helped me to resolve and master difficult issues that I have had since I first began my studies, issues that were only compounded over the years by less than professional instructors.  Not only is her knowledge and ability to teach beyond measure, but her classes are also fun.  She creates a very positive and enjoyable learning environment.  For adults, this means that learning a language can be both productive and an escape from the daily grind.  For children, it is an experience which instills the joys of learning.  While I often tease her about being the only person in the world to have actually left Provence to move to Indiana, I am certainly glad that she did.

Julie R.

My 11-year old daughter Emma started working with Madame Cécile in June 2012.  Working with a native French speaker has been a great experience for her.  Cécile has an solid understanding of "best practice" teaching methods which incorporate culture, games, and music that make learning fun.

Betsy H.

If you want to learn French.  Stop looking.  Here is a teacher that will show how to do it.  Of course, you have to do your homework.

Julio L., MD (student for 2 years)

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Madame Anne-Cécile Carre, who taught our son in the classroom when he was in second and third grade.  Madame Cécile helped our energetic child tremendously in his social and academic skills (including French and math).  We think very highly of Madame Cécile, based on her many skills and exceptional work ethic.  She is reliable, responsible, bright, dependable, mature, and hard working.  She is trustworthy, friendly, honest and charismatic enough to connect with children.  She displayed great integrity and empathy, while maintaining a calm environment and managing a diverse classroom with children at a wide variety of skill levels.

Madame Anne-Cécile Carre's attention to detail and understanding of the work resulted in our son making great gains while he was in her classroom, despite his attention deficit problems and learning disabilities.  We truly believe this would not have happened without her assistance.  Having taught at IUPUI for almost 20 years, I know that patience, perseverance and work ethic are important requirements for teaching success, and these were demonstrated above and beyond the call of duty by Madame Cécile.

Although I did not know Madame Anne-Cécile Carre before she became my son's teacher, Madame Cécile quickly earned the respect and admiration of my husband and I.  We enthusiastically recommend her as a tutor for French, English, or math.  Any child would be fortunate to have her as a teacher.

Janet E.